Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serving in the Dominican Republic was a Life Changing Experience

As a dentist, it is a grand privilege to provide service to a population that is truly deserving of basic dental care.  As we work day to day in our practices in the US, we sometimes get lost in the pursuit and extreme efforts of making our businesses profitable.  Dealing with insurance and ever expanding pressures to turn a profit, sometimes puts us in a place where we forget what we entered the profession for in the first place.  There is nothing more rewarding than doing dental service in a pure form where there is nothing but hard work, basic dental skills, and loving hearts to finish out the day.  I will forever be a fan of IASK and the opportunity that was provided to serve in the Dominican Republic.

With great thanks and appreciation.  Dr. Richard Anderson, DDS

Dr. Anderson went to the Dominican Republic with his wife (Kim) and daughter (Alyssa) with the IASK November 2008 humanitarian team.


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Welcome to the Lift a Life blog! So many great volunteers like you make a remarkable difference in the lives of poor and abandoned children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This blog is for you to share your experiences as a volunteer associated with International Aid Serving Kids (IASK). We hope that the information shared in this blog inspires you to continue finding ways to lift a life of someone who needs your help.